Gold Medal from Los Angeles IOOC to Premium Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Goya Spain has started the year by revalidating the awards and recognitions to the quality of its extra virgin olive oils in awards and international competitions.

Thus, the Los Angeles International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, which in 2019 has reached its 20th edition, has awarded the gold medal to the three premium extra virgin olive oils Goya: Único, Organics and Robusto.

With these awards, Goya Spain reinforces its commitment to bring consumers of the five continents, the best quality extra virgin olive oil of the Mediterranean diet. In the 2018 edition, Goya Organics also won a gold medal, while the Único oil won a silver medal.

The 2019 edition of the International Extra Virgin Olive Oil  Competition, fifth most recognized contest worldwide, has received a total of 530 extra virgin olive oils from 302 producers from Argentina, Australia, Chile, China, Croatia, France, Greece , Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Portugal, South Africa, Spain, Tunisia, Turkey, Uruguay and the United States.

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