Goya and the sculptor Alexander Mijares agree on the creation of a "Goya Sculpture of Cans"

As confirmed by the news portal Channel1, Goya Foods has reached an agreement with the artist Alexander Mijares for the creation of a unique “Can Sculpture” Goya in the Pérez Art Museum, within the campaign “Passion is Goya” and the program of cultural activities “Second Saturday” of PAMM.

Located in Miami, PAMM is a museum of modern and contemporary art dedicated to collecting and exhibiting international art of the XX and XXI centuries. Like this space, Goya Foods is committed to bringing families together through cultural actions. In this way, together with PAMM they have created the “Second Free Saturday”, day of visit to the museum for families with free access.

Within the joint actions with the PAMM, on December 9 the “Can Sculpture” Goya created by the sculptor Alexander Mijares was inaugurated. Composed from recycled Goya cans, the sculpture is now available for sale.

Likewise, Goya Foods will also make a donation of Goya products to local charities