Olive Japan 2023



Goya olive oils shine in Japan, with 8 new medals

The 8 latest medals won in Japan can be added to the long list of awards that Goya olive oils have racked up. Thus, in the 2023 edition, the Olive Japan Competition awarded Goya extra virgin olive oils with five medals. The contest, organized by the Olive Oil Sommelier Association of Japan (OSAJ), awarded two gold medals to GOYA® Unico and Organics extra virgin olive oils, while GOYA® Robusto/Fruity, Extra Virgin and GOYA® Garlic, in the infused category, were honored with silver medals.

These five medals awarded to Goya EVOOs recognize the brand’s hard work and toil to offer a product with extra quality to the most discerning consumers in the Japanese market.

Run by Toshiya Tada, Olive Japan has a vision and mission of promoting the consumption of extra virgin olive oil among the Japanese public. The 2023 edition had 702 extra virgin olive oils and infused oils submitted from 24 countries.

For its part, the 11th edition of the Japan Olive Oil Prize (JOOP) that is held in Tokyo awarded three gold medals to Goya oils: GOYA® Unico and GOYA® Robusto won the Gold Blend medals, while GOYA® Organics was awarded in the Gold Organic category.

Since its creation, JOOP has been committed to the promotion of quality extra virgin olive oils from all origins, helping producers of high quality EVOO to make themselves known to potential business partners in Japan.

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