Berlin GOOA 2023



Goya olive oils triumph at Berlin GOOA 2023 with 5 medals for quality

Two platinum, two gold and a silver medal. This the is brilliant range of awards won by Goya olive oils at the Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards (Berlin GOOA 2023).

In the 2023 edition, GOYA® Organics and GOYA® Garlic won platinum medals, while the gold was for GOYA® Unico and GOYA® Robusto and the silver medal for our traditional extra virgin olive oil.

The annual Berlin Global Olive Oil Awards are international awards to recognize excellence in olive oil production. With the participation of more than 800 olive oils from 30 countries, the awards in (Berlin GOOA 2023) were not only a platform for recognition, but also help to educate consumers and raise awareness on the importance of quality olive oil.

Complete list of awards given in 2023