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Goya® Organics, best light intensity EVOO at Olio Capitale 2021

Best Light Intensity Extra Virgin Olive OilGoya Organics was the winner in this category at the XV Olio Capitale Competition. Along with Goya Robusto Fruity (finalist), both extra virgin olive oils participated in this competition for the second time; a competition organized by the Camera di Comercio Venezia Giulia Trieste Gorizia (Chambers of Commerce Venice Giulia Trieste Gorizia).

This competition aims to enhance the quality of extra virgin olive oils of the Mediterranean area and strengthen the care of the product’s image.  This competition started been celebrated fifteen years ago at the Olio Capitale Expo, an Italian exhibition dedicated to quality extra virgin olive oils.

The 2021 Edition included the participation of 83 companies, with 124 brands representing Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Spain, and Portugal.

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