Goya Brazil IOOC



Goya premium evoos, Top 10 at Brazil IOOC 2021

The last quarter of the year has arrived, and Goya premium extra virgin oils continue to receive international recognition and awards.

Sound evidence of the international accolades is the Brazil IOOC 2021 edition– an international competition for extra virgin olive oils- where Goya Organics (2nd) and Goya Robusto (9th) oils are among the Top 10 best extra virgin olive oils in the world. Thus, they have received the “Triple Gold” mention for obtaining a gold medal three years in a row.

Goya Organics also won the “Top North Award 2021.” Along with the Organics and Robusto gold medals, Goya’s numerous victories at Brazil IOOC 2021 are completed with a gold medal for Único.