Día Mundial del Olivo | World Olive Tree Day



Happy World Olive Tree Day

We celebrate World Olive Tree Day every November 26th. The role of women in the olive sector is the theme of the 2023 celebration.

The International Olive Oil Council is dedicating World Olive Tree Day 2023 to the role of women in the olive industry and in the entire olive production chain, from cultivation to consumption, in collaboration with CIHEAM (International Centre for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies).

For this reason, both organisations have shown the reality of women in the olive grove, highlighting their efforts and sacrifices in this hardworking crop, together with other women’s associations in the olive oil sector representing different geographical areas (including the Women in Olive Oil Network in the USA, the Arab and Jordanian Olive Oil Women’s Network, the Women & Olives LATAM network, and the Italian associations Pandolea and Donne dell’Olio9).

Goya Spain celebrates World Olive Tree Day by paying tribute to the women who are part of our company and our suppliers. Every day they do their best to provide consumers in the five continents with the highest quality oils and olives. Happy World Olive Tree Day

Happy World Olive Tree Day