Sea salt preparation



Sea salt, a key ingredient in the preparation of Goya table olives and capers

Natural flavor and quality are two hallmarks that define GOYA® products. For this reason, at Goya Spain, we apply sea salt to prepare our olives and capers, which guarantee their authentic flavor.

The extraction of sea salt is more natural and sustainable than the extraction of rock salt, as it requires a process of lower energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions. This salt contains an additional number of minerals and trace elements in its composition, such as magnesium, potassium, calcium, and iodine, which are practically not found in other salts and are necessary for health.

Similarly, another significant value is its sodium chloride concentration lower than other “chemically purer” salts.

With sea salt in our olives and capers, Goya confirms its original commitment to eliminate non-essential additives.