The aromas of Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As with a good wine, Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil has its own nuances which make it unique. This special character is noted in both its aroma and its intense flavor.

Did you know that the personality and complexity of an extra virgin olive oil is determined by the hints of pleasant aromas of fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs found in nature that can be detected in it?

In the consumer’s discovery, the masters of the olive oil mills play an essential role, as if they were alchemists, taking charge of creating the blends: a perfect mixture, a harmonious, carefully selected combination of different extra virgin olive oils, thereby obtaining the best olive juices.

At Goya we have achieved it! Our premium extra virgin olive oils are unique, with an inimitable complexity and personality. Each one of them contains nuances, aromas and flavors which take us to natural environments such as meadows and orchards with recently harvested fruits and vegetables.

Today we present our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

With a delicate almond flavor, in Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil you will discover aromas of walnuts and aromatic herbs such as oregano, thyme and rosemary. These aromas are combined with the freshness of artichokes and freshly cut grass, banana, tomatoes and green fruits such as apple.

All of these aromas and flavors give our oil the perfect harmony, between a subtle spiciness and bitterness.

Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ideal for consuming raw in daily life, drizzling it over cold and hot dishes. Ideal as a substitute for any condiment, its intense flavor gives a special touch to salads, sauces, baked, grilled and roast dishes, as well as steamed dishes.

Now it’s up to you. What flavors and aromas do you find in Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Discover them and share your experience with us!