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The big reveal of our new facilities in Seville

Transmitting the “essence of Goya” in a contemporary space that constantly changes with time and continuously evolves was the goal of the interior design project completed for our offices and factory in Seville.

The project was headed by Atril and it involved two different design actions where the principles and values of our brand have been reflected and captured.

Like so, the office area has been converted into a contemporary space and with the aid of architectural elements, along with the use of color as main support in the different facility areas, it conveys a new sense of space. Furthermore, the use of direct lighting in each area also achieves an optimum result in every office and different conference rooms.

The “Goya Essence”

Conscious of the brand values, the project chose to make use of various elements like wood, pottery, paint, and art in order to represent and capture the “Goya essence”.

 This way, each and every space in the facility (conference rooms, multifunctional room Antonio Unanue with permanent audiovisuals, office rooms) has been converted in a singular space through the application of decorative elements like glazed pottery collections made from original Goya packaging – with the brand colors, engravings and vegetable derived decorations.

The factory zone has been transformed by giving each space its corporative and graphic identity.

Moreover, processes and space-saving solutions were applied in the distribution area through the use of lane and loading dock signage. Additionally, the loading dock in the grain packaging zone now exhibits a photograph wall mural carefully designed to personalize the space.