Children´s diet



5 Tips to look after children's diet

A good diet is so important for children to grow healthily. Eating well not only improves their physical growth but their intellectual development too.

Children’s diet must be worked on at home, but we’re so busy from one day to the next this can be difficult.

That’s why we want to share 5 tips that can help us look after themselves with a healthy and balanced children’s diet that gives them the energy for their long days of study and exercise.

  • Say yes to the Mediterranean Diet. Recognized by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the Mediterranean Diet includes all the nutrients children need for their growth. Water should always be their source of hydration. And EVOO is the basis of this diet.
  • 5 meals per day. Plan the right distribution of calorie intake across breakfast, the mid-morning snack, lunch, the afternoon snack and dinner. For the main meals, as Aitor Sanchez sets out in the program Aprende a Comer Sano (Learn to Eat Healthily) “vegetables, proteins and olive oil, are non-negotiable”.
(Aprende a Comer Sano (Learn to Eat Healthily) is a program developed by Aceites de Oliva de España and Compass Group with the aim teaching people of all ages how to feed themselves well every day, with olive oil as a key ingredient).
Fried foods, pastries, sweets and snacks and “fast food” should be an exception, as they contain excessive sugars, saturated fats and salt and don’t provide macronutrients.
  • Meals are a fundamental part of family of life. It’s important to plan mealtimes to make sure everyone can eat together at least once a day. It should be a time when the important thing is for people to converse with one another, so keep technology away!
  • Say no to boring recipes. Prepare food in different ways to make dishes more attractive. We can alternate between roasted, boiled and grilled dishes as well as raw dishes like salads and gazpacho.
  • Exercise and rest. As well as the right diet, exercise and limiting the time spent on mobile phones and videogames is really important. For an energetic start to the day, the right rest is crucial (schoolchildren should get 9-12 hours’ sleep) which will help combat excessive weight.

Developing good eating habits from childhood is key and will determine the food behavior into adulthood. Look after children’s diet.