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Do you know the different types of packaging we use for our oils?

When olive oil is consumed, it is very important to ensure it is stored properly. Proper storage prevents the oil from oxidizing and losing its properties.

At Goya España we have several types of packaging for our olive oils. Each of them offers different features for preserving the organoleptic qualities of our olive oils, EVOOs and flavored extra virgin olive oil.

  • The first of these containers is glass. Goya olive oil glass bottles have a unique and elegant design. They come in a range of sizes (3 Fl.Oz.; 8,5 Fl.Oz.; 17 Fl.Oz.; 25,4 Fl.Oz.), and we use both dark glass (for GOYA® Unico, GOYA® Organics and GOYA® Robusto) and clear glass (for Extra Virgin Olive Oil, GOYA® Puro, GOYA® Light Flavor and GOYA® Garlic), which allows you to see the product.
  • Another type of container we use is PET. Available in 34 Fl.Oz. and 50 Fl.Oz. sizes, in this format great care must be taken in storing the oil as it is the material that least protects it from light and air.
  • Finally, we also pack oils in tin cans. Although it is one of the best materials for storage, its one disadvantage is that the product cannot be seen. At Goya España we offer GOYA® Extra Virgin Olive Oil in 16/17 Fl.Oz.; 24 Fl.Oz; 34 Fl.Oz. and 101 Fl.Oz. sizes.

In the storage of the oil, the container maintains the organoleptic qualities of the oil. It is important to avoid exposure to light, heat and contact with air.