The Aromas of Goya Unico Extra Virgin Olive Oil!

Did you know that the personality and complexity of an extra virgin olive oil like Unico Extra Virgin Olive Oil is determined by the hints of pleasant aromas of fruits, vegetables and aromatic herbs found in nature that can be detected in it?

You already know the nuances wich make Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oil unique. This special character is noted in both its aroma and its intense flavor.

Today we present our Goya Unico Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Unico extra virgin olive oil takes us to the most traditional essence and purity of an Andalusian olive grove.

This premium olive oil’s production takes place at the end of October, when the flavors and aromas of its ingredients are most intense.

The olives are first hand-picked and carefully selected, and then they go through one cold pressing before the Unico extra virgin olive oil is made – this allows each and every one of their organoleptic properties to be preserved.

With its intense, green, fruity aroma, Unico extra virgin olive oil will delight your taste buds with a flavor featuring traces of almonds, tomatoes, walnuts, and apples. Those aromas, blended with the scent of freshly cut grass, make our Unico extra virgin olive oil a prominent ingredient in salads and snacks.

Its use when uncooked atop grilled meats or fish before serving adds an exceptional touch of flavor.

What aromas do you note?