Goya and its gourmet olive Oils crown the ranking of the World’s Best Olive Oils 2020/2021

The undeniable quality of Goya extra virgin olive oils keeps collecting international accolades.

Goya Único and Goya Organics have been included in the prestigious ranking of the World’s Best Olive Oils 2020/2021; calculated this year from the results of a total of 6 of the currently 7 strictest international extra virgin olive oil competitions.

Goya Único is amongst the World’s Top 10 (4th) best extra virgin olive oils, while Goya Organics is included in the Top 10 (6th) ranking in the organic category for extra virgin olive oils.

On the other hand, Goya Spain in Seville obtained 2nd place for best bottling and packaging facility for extra virgin olive oils, thus entered the TOP 10 ranking for one of the best organic extra virgin olive oil producing companies.

The WBOO ranking was created in 2012 by the expert German taster, Heiko Schmidt, based on the results of the main international competitions for extra virgin olive oil in both hemispheres.

The WBOO’s objective is to build the ranking of the world’s best extra virgin olive oils from the results of the strictest international extra virgin olive oil competitions and consequently, appreciate the value of extraordinary extra virgin olive oils. The WBOO firmly believes that products of premium quality deserve a different recognition and their producers deserve to be supported in and awarded for their efforts.