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LIOOC 2021 awards four medals to the Goya Olive Oils

The quality of the GOYA extra virgin olive oils keeps earning it the awards and recognitions in competitions and international events.

London International Olive Oil Competition (LIOOC 2021) has awarded GOYA a total of four awards: Platinum for Unico, and Organics and Gold to Robusto and Classic.

LIOOC 2021 is the biggest Extra Virgin Olive Oil competition in Europe and its goal is to promote the greatest quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils, introduce the current varieties, and divulge the healthy and nutritional properties of this essential food in the Mediterranean diet to all consumers and professionals in the international industry

With the participation of olive oils coming from Spain, Italy, Greece, Tunis, Turkey, Portugal, or the United States, this competition has an ample jury of international experts, who through blind tastings, judge the organoleptic qualities, and characteristics of the olive oils competing in the event.

In the 2020  edition, GOYA olive oils were awarded 3 medals (Platinum to Robusto and Organics, and Gold for Unico).