Olive oil, engine of Andalusian agri-food exports in 2017

  • With 2,961 M€ in sales, the region exported twice as much olive oil in 2017 as Italy (1,507 M€).
  • By provinces, Seville leads olive oil exports, with 1,382 M€ and a year-on-year growth of 13.2 percent (18.2 percent of the total).

Andalusia led national sales of agri-food products and beverages abroad in 2017, reaching 10,937 M€. This figure represents an increase in exports of 9,2 percent compared to 2016 and almost one in four euros exported by Spain (23,4 percent), according to data from Extenda, the Andalusian Agency for Foreign Promotion.

Of these exports, sales of olive oil are placed first, with 2,961 M€ (27,1 percent of the total), thus achieving a new record (with a growth of 16.8 percent over 2016), and doubling the export of olive oil from Italy in the same period (1,507 M€).

By provinces, Seville continues to lead sales abroad of olive oil, with a turnover of 1,382 M€ (47 percent of the Andalusian total), and a growth of 13,2 percent over 2016; followed by Córdoba, Málaga and Jaén.


The first Andalusian olive oil market in the world is still Italy, with one third of sales (34 percent of the total) and a turnover of 1,003 M€ in 2017.

Italy is followed by the United States (392 M€), Portugal (329 M€), France (244 M€) and the United Kingdom ( 134 M€), among others. Also, according to Extenda, among the top 20 markets, there have been notable growths in exports to Canada as well as emerging destinations for oil such as Russia and India.