"Organics" reaffirms as the best coupage in Spain according to Iberoleum

For the second consecutive edition, the Iberoleum Guide has recognized Goya “Organics” Extra Virgin Olive Oil  as the best coupage in Spain for the 2018-2019 campaign.

Likewise, “Organics”, with a total of 95 points, is placed on the podium of honor of the Top 25 of the best extra virgin oils in Spain.

“Being recognized as the best coupage in Spain is the greatest award that a packer can get to their work. For Goya Spain, revalidate this award for the second year, leads us to continue offering an olive oil with the highest quality for our consumers “, stand out from the Sevillian factory.

In the 2019 edition, the Iberoleum Guide tastings were held at the Olivar and Oil Interpretation Center,  in Úbeda (Jaen).

As in the 2018 edition, Iberoleum has followed a presentation system in room to the tasters of individual oils, which ensures maximum concentration when evaluating them. Likewise, the computerized profile sheet has been used to avoid errors in the evaluation of the oils.