Olive Oil Storage



Tips for a good storage of olive oil

When we use olive oil, it’s very important to store it correctly to ensure it doesn’t oxidize and lose any of its properties. If olive oil is not stored correctly, a phenomenon known as oxidation or “rancidification” (turning rancid) can occur, even before the best before date on the bottle. Light, heat and contact with the air are three factors we must avoid.

Here are some tips to follow for good storage of olive oil:

• Protect the olive oil from direct sunlight. When not using the oil, we recommend storing it in a larder or press.
• Do not store the olive oil close to any source of heat. The optimal storage temperature is 20ºC/68ºF. It is best to store in a cool, dry place.
 Contact with the air is another factor that can negatively affect olive oil. For this reason it is important to store the olive oil in the bottle, with no oxygen within. Here at Goya, we replace the oxygen that’s in the neck of the bottle with nitrogen, even though the bottle is transparent. By eliminating oxygen, we eliminate the risk of oxidation.

Along with these three factors, we recommend storing your olive oil away from smoke or strong aromas, as they can be absorbed and affect the flavor.