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Goya premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils, Top100 of the Evooleum Guide

The Evooleum Guide, which lists the 100 best extra virgin olive oils in the world, is now available. The 2024 edition, which includes the extra virgin olive oils awarded in the Evooleum 2023 Awards, has recognized the quality of GOYA® Unico and GOYA® Organics olive oils, with a total of 92 points each. Likewise, Goya premium oils are placed in the Top 20 of the best Spanish EVOOs.

Every year, the Evooleum awards recognize the 100 best EVOOs in the world. Its tasting panel evaluates the organoleptic quality of the samples presented, from which the Top 100 of the best extra virgin olive oils in the world emerge each season, as well as the best in their different categories, varieties and countries.

The Evooleum Guide has more than twenty articles on the art of tasting, international olive growing, EVOO and gastronomy, the most beautiful gourmet extra virgin olive oil stores in the world, gastrotrends, olive oil tourism, EVOO and health, an olive oil dictionary, etc.

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