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Say Yes to a healthy lifestyle!

We are convinced that a healthy lifestyle is essential to make the routine and the rush of everyday life more bearable. For this reason, we want to share with you today our key ideas to say Yes to a healthy lifestyle.

Yes to healthy food every day

Include foods such as fruit and nuts in your diet and avoid sandwiches and sugary drinks. Don’t forget to eat breakfast, a source of energy to start your day. If you aren’t sure what diet to follow, we recommend the Mediterranean Diet,, which combines exercise with different food groups in a balanced way (with extra virgin olive oil as the main fat, vegetables and fruits, legumes, nuts, cheese and yogurt, fish, bread and wheat derivatives and a moderate consumption of wine and meat).

And when you eat, don’t forget to watch portion sizes. Always choose high amounts of fruit and vegetables rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, and eat smaller portions of high calorie foods which contain a lot of sugar and fat.

Yes to physical exercise

Physical exercise helps to control weight, keep bones, muscles and joints healthy and reduces our risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes.

It is important to find a form of exercise you enjoy, not just go for exhausting challenges. 30 minutes fast walking, 5 or 6 days a week is enough for a good “tune-up”.

What’s more, physical exercise along with yoga and meditation might help you to stay on top of daily stresses.

Yes to hydration

Drinking enough water is key to keep our body hydrated. We need to drink 4 pints of water each day on average. But if you are the sort of person who forgets to do this, you can use apps to remind you when it is time to hydrate.

Yes to rest

Sleep is key for our wellbeing. While we sleep, the brain restores nerve networks so they can function correctly when we are awake. It is important to follow a sleep routine and sleep seven to nine hours every night.

Yes to personal relationships

In our personal lives it is important to strengthen our relationships with those who surround us: call your friends, meet up with family, and organize a lunch or dinner with them. Take advantage of every moment that life offers us to share it with those you care about.

This is just the beginning. Now it’s your turn. We recommend putting them into action little by little to say Yes to a healthy life! .