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Walking, a source of health… Why not while partaking in olive oil tourism?

There’s no doubt about it: physical exercise is important for our health. That is because keeping active is essential for our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Among the different exercise options, walking is one of the very best. Do you know why?

Walking helps us improve our physical condition. Combining a daily balanced diet with the exercise from walking can be more effective at burning fat than other more intense exercises. And it’s also cardio-healthy!

And walking is so easy. No specialised equipment is needed and we can take advantage of any free time we’ve got to do it. As we get into better shape, we can also walk in other spaces, such as strolling among olive groves while enjoying a bit of olive oil tourism.

What is olive oil tourism?

Tourism for activities involving olive oil is a great alternative to traditional tourism, in which activities, tours, accommodation, restaurants, shopping, routes and hiking all centre on olive oil.

When we amble through olive trees, we can relish and learn about life on earth, the excellent benefits of oil and cuisine related to olive groves and EVOO, the basis of the Mediterranean diet.

As the association Olive Oils from Spain points out, olive oil tourism routes are primarily available in Andalusia (in the south) and along the coastal regions of the Mediterranean Sea, areas in which Spanish olive oil production are concentrated.

If you decide to walk among the olive trees in the south, your first destination should be the Subbetica district. Visiting its centenary olive groves will help you learn to distinguish between the real and best extra virgin olive oil while immersed in nature.