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Canada awards the quality of Goya olive oils with five medals in Canada IOOC

Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oils continue to be accolated with international awards. In its first participation in the Canada Olive Oil Competition (Canada IOOC), Goya olive oils have obtained a total of five medals: platinum for Unico, Organics, and Garlic, and gold for Robusto and Classic. 
Canada IOOC has become a commercial expansion platform for extra virgin olive oil producers and bottling firms in Canada. Just as the ICEX confirms, Canada´s olive oil consumption has risen significantly and constantly in the last 25 years, with increased demand in gastronomy and homes across the country.
According to the International Olive Council, during the 2019/20 campaign, the volume of olive oil imported by Canada was 58,236 tons. Furthermore, extra virgin olive oil conforms 45,779 tons out of the import total, making this country an excellent opportunity for medium-range and high-range or gourmet olive oil producers.