Olive oil packagers



Goya España, among the top olive oil packagers 

Do you know what the purpose of the mill is? The almazaras or olive oil mills are located close to the olive groves, and this is where growers work to produce the best mono-variety oil. Once they obtain high quality extra virgin olive oils at the mill, they present small batches to international contests. The more international prizes they win, the higher the price the mill can obtain from their oils from packagers. 

Once the packagers acquire these oils, they oversee the filtration, balancing and blending in coupages for packing and bringing to market. Traditionally, packagers are the ones responsible for exporting olive oil overseas. 

Goya España packages olive oils produced using different varieties of olives grown in the south of Spain, specifically in the Subbética county, home to the most prized olive groves and mills in the world. 

The company packages and markets 100% Spanish olive oils of exceptional quality and incomparable flavor and is recognized by the leading olive oil rankings as one of the Top 2 oil companies (World´s Best Olive Oil 2021) and among the top 5 most awarded olive oil companies in the world (WREVOO 2021).  

Today, we package five different extra virgin olive oils (GOYA® Organics, Único, Robusto, Extra Virgin and Garlic) and two olive oils (GOYA® Puro and Light Flavor).  

Discover the flavor of tradition, discover Goya oils. Quality and tradition on your table.