London IOOC recognizes the quality of Goya olives and extra virgin olive oils

We continue to reap the rewards of the international recognition awarded to our oils and olives. Today we are in London, where Goya products have won a total of 24 medals (9 platinum, 8 gold and 7 silver) in the 2023 editions of London IOOC and London ITOC.

In extra virgin olive oils, the London International Olive Oils Competition awarded the platinum medal to our premium Unico and Organics olive oils, as well as to GOYA® Garlic in the flavored oils category.

The list of awards for the olive oils is completed with the gold medal for GOYA® Robusto and the silver medal for our classic extra virgin olive oil.

London IOOC

On the other hand, Goya olives were awarded a total of 19 medals by the London ITOC competition.

Platinum: GOYA® Plain Queen Spanish Olives; GOYA® Stuffed Queen Spanish Olives with Minced Pimientos; GOYA® Mediterranean salad, GOYA® Reduced Sodium Manzanilla Olives Stuffed with minced pimientos; GOYA® Pitted Black Olives, GOYA® Stuffed Olives with Serrano Ham.

Gold: GOYA® Manzanilla Spanish Olives; GOYA® Pitted Manzanilla Olives (Cocktail Olives); GOYA® Manzanilla Olives Stuffed with Minced Pimientos; GOYA® Reduced Sodium Salad Olives; GOYA® Reduced Sodium Alcaparrado; GOYA® Stuffed Olives with Minced Hot Peppers; GOYA® Stuffed Olives with Minced Tuna.

Silver: GOYA® Salad Olives; GOYA® Stuffed Olives with Minced Anchovies; GOYA® Stuffed Olives with Minced Smoked Salmon; GOYA® Stuffed Olives with Minced Blue Cheese Paste; GOYA® Stuffed Olives with Spicy Chorizo; GOYA® Stuffed Olives with Manchego Cheese Paste.

London IOOC have become international benchmarks in the promotion of olive oils and olives. In terms of olive oils, more than 500 samples from 20 countries were submitted in the 2023 edition. The London International Table Olive Competition (London ITOC) promotes high quality table olives by supporting producers.