Quality is the main attribute and value of olive oils produced in Goya Spain. This quality is perfectly backed up by international certifications and quality seals. 

Quality seals

American seal that identifies and pays tribute to the best-tasting food products to support the companies that manufacture them. Outside of this concept, ChefsBest is an organization that also provides assistance to consumers, who they see as professional chefs, teaching them to discover the flavor that food should have. The GOYA® family of products has obtained this seal continuously since 2007, and from 2014 to the present with the “Excellence” category.
Quality seals for olive oils granted by the North American Olive Oil Association. This seal of quality is the only olive oil certification that collects samples from off-the-shelf and tests them to see the full range of purity parameters in the global commercial standards established by the International Olive Council (IOC), an Authoritative organization recognized for over 50 years as the worldwide standard quality setting body for the olive oil industry.
Monde Selection 2023
Monde Selection
It is an annual non-competitive award open to food, drinks, and cosmetics products, created in 1961. It is led by the commercial company International Institute for Quality Selections, Brussels, Belgium. Consumer products are tasted and tested in order to grant them a quality label awarded by the "International Quality Institute."
The International Taste and Quality Institute (iTQi), based in Brussels, is the leading organization dedicated to tasting and promoting superior tasting food products. Since 2012 GOYA® products have been awarded the “Superior Taste Award” seal of quality.
Laur konsumenta
The “Consumer´s Laurel” seal is a unique award, as it is awarded to the most prestigious brands and products, but above all, it is an expression of recognition and popularity among Polish consumers. For customers, it is an excellent determinant for decision-related purchases. This seal of quality selects the product in which customers place their trust. GOYA® products have obtained this seal annually since 2011.


ISO 9001 Standard – ISO 14001 Standard 

Goya Spain’s Quality Assurance and Food Safety Management System is based on a policy that involves the entire human team in the process of continues improvement. (See quality policy and food management). This system, certified since 2005 in ISO 9001 Standard– a worldwide quality benchmark- guarantees the confidence of our customers and end consumers. Since 2021, Goya Spain is committed to continuous environmental improvement, and believes that an Environmental Management System certified in ISO 14001 Standard is the best tool to achieve it (See environmental policy).


BRC Issue 8

Goya Spain has been certified by the British Retail Consortium (BRC) since 2012 with a Grade A. We obtained Grade AA in the same year as its establishment (2015) and revalidated it annually until today. The British Retail Consortium (BRC), the most demanding certification globally, sets the levels of compliance of the company concerning health and hygiene and food safety requirements for the handling of food for human consumption.


IFS Version 6.1

Goya Spain has the International Food Standard (IFS). An international regulation developed by the German Federation of retailers for auditing on suppliers of foods, which sets the levels of compliance about health and hygiene requirements oriented towards the handling of food for human consumption.


Kosher Certification

Since 2006, Goya Spain has had the Kosher certification for quality control of its products, issued by the Rabbinate of Madrid. Likewise, since 2020 it also has the Orthodox Union quality control certification for oils.



Security standard implemented in the US to protect the entire distribution chain, thus preventing international trade movements from serving as a tool for terrorism and illegal trafficking.

USDA Organic Products

Certification that protects the authenticity of GOYA® Organics, certifies that products are organic, with the corresponding seal on the label.

JAS Certification

Certificate granted to GOYA® Organics products by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries.


European certificate granted by the Organic Production certification entity.