Gulas al ajillo

Gulas con gambas

Gulas al ajillo is a very typical Spanish dish. Con un intenso sabor a aceite de oliva virgen extra, ajo y guindillas, este plato es ideal para entrar en calor en los meses de otoño e invierno

Seafood cocktail

seafood cocktail-salpicon marisco

One of the most typical dishes during the summer in Spain is seafood cocktail. A recipe which is simple to prepare, healthy, and super refreshing, ideal for summer nights.

Cod with tomato

Cod with tomato | bacalao con tomate

Cod is one of the most versatile fish. Spanish cookery books are full of recipes for cod, always made with desalted fish. Each region has its own recipes, but many of them have spread throughout Spain such as cod with tomato, cod al pil pil (with garlic and chili sauce), and Vizcaya or Rioja style cod.
Today we are going to make cod with tomato, a delicious dish which will allow you to enjoy the most traditional flavors of Spanish cookery.

Salmon with honey and mustard sauce

Salmon with honey and mustard sauce

Today we have prepared a delicious dish of salmon with honey and mustard sauce, accompanied with baby potatoes and pearl onions. If just thinking about it is making your mouth water, wait until you try it, it’s exquisite!

Tuna tataki with sesam recipe

Today we will make a tasty recipe from Japanese cuisine – tuna tataki. We will marinate the finely sliced fish in vinegar, ginger and soy sauce, then coating it with sesame seeds and briefly frying it. The result is a healthy, juicy dish. Let’s cook!

Portuguese Baked Cod

Today we bring you this typical recipe of Portuguese cuisine. The star ingredient we will need for its preparation are cod fillets desalted in advance.
Portuguese style cod is cooked in the oven, until obtaining a slightly golden appearance, served with fried potatoes and onions.

Fish Pie Recipe!

We begin the week with a delicious and nutritious recipe for baked fish pie. We often have to get creative for children to eat vegetables and fish, but they’ll find this dish irresistible. Do you want to make it at home? Here you will find the full list of ingredients and the step by step recipe.

Baked Salmon with Vegetables and Capers Recipe!

Baked, grilled, smoked…there are so many ways to prepare salmon. Besides being a source of health, this fish pairs very well with all kinds of ingredients. We suggest you cook baked salmon with vegetables and capers.  Also, if you use a nice tray to cook it on, you won’t have to change the plating if you have guests and want to make a good impression.

Salmon with rice & vegetables recipe!

Salmon is one of the fish that should not be missing in our diet. Both its flavor and its properties make it one of the leading foods in your kitchen. Combined with rice and vegetables, salmon is a delicious and nutritional dish, ideal to surprise to your family and friends at the table. This healthy recipe is so easy to cook. Do you want to taste it?