The olive: the origin of our production

The olive: the origin of our production

The olive groves of Andalusia hold the essence and origin of our olive oils. Today we have a little history for you, as we look back at the origins of olive cultivation in Spain. The olive has long been the tree most venerated by the peoples of the Mediterranean. Olive branches were used to crown the winners […]

Photographic Competition “Olivar de la Subbética” by Almazaras de la Subbética

Almazaras de la Subbetica

Goya España congratulates Almazaras de la Subbética for the 1st Photographic Competition “Olivar de la Subbética”, recently organised to coincide with the celebration of the European Day of Parks. With a high level of participation, the jury had a really hard time choosing the winners: “The decision was difficult because all the participants submitted very […]

Goya España, among the top olive oil packagers 

Olive oil packagers

Do you know what the purpose of the mill is? The almazaras or olive oil mills are located close to the olive groves, and this is where growers work to produce the best mono-variety oil. Once they obtain high quality extra virgin olive oils at the mill, they present small batches to international contests. The more international prizes […]

Storing olive oil in summer

Storing olive oil | Conservación aceite de oliva

Storing olive oil in summer so that it retains all its properties is easy, but not everyone does it correctly. Today we share with you a serie of tips from Almazara de la Subbética to make sure your Extra Virgin Olive Oil retains all its benefits. • Store extra virgin olive oil in a cool, […]

Alimarket analyzes the commercial expansion of Goya Spain

Alimarket news portal has published the agreement signed by Goya Spain with the agri-food company Henstenberg and takes balance of the activity of our factory in the last year. These are the main keys: Access to  the complete new at Alimarket (text in spanish)

The importance of a healthy breakfast

The importance of a healthy breakfast

Without a doubt, the best way to start the day is with a healthy breakfast. What’s more, as the nutritionist Aitor Sánchez of the of Olive Oils from Spain Aprende a comer sano (learn to eat healthily) program highlights, breakfast is “an opportunity to instill good eating habits in the family”. When it comes to […]

Goya® Extra Virgin Olive Oils and Table Olives arrive in Germany from Hengstenberg


Goya Spain has signed a collaboration agreement with the agri-food company Henstenberg for the exclusive distribution of its extra virgin olive oils and table olives from next summer.  Hengstenberg’s signature enlarges its product range in the table olive and extra virgin olive oils categories thanks to the trade collaboration agreement with Goya Spain in which […]

Walking, a source of health… Why not while partaking in olive oil tourism?

origin olive oil tourism

There’s no doubt about it: physical exercise is important for our health. That is because keeping active is essential for our physical and emotional wellbeing. Among the different exercise options, walking is one of the very best. Do you know why? Walking helps us improve our physical condition. Combining a daily balanced diet with the […]

5 Tips to look after children’s diet

Children´s diet

A good diet is so important for children to grow healthily. Eating well not only improves their physical growth but their intellectual development too. Children’s diet must be worked on at home, but we’re so busy from one day to the next this can be difficult. That’s why we want to share 5 tips that […]

Botellas con Alma, EVOO with heart from Almazaras de la Subbética

Botellas con alma

At Goya Spain, we support Almazaras de la Subbética‘s “Botellas con Alma” (Bottles with Soul) charitable project, through which the producers at this Carcabuey cooperative (one of our main suppliers), raise funds for research into childhood leukemia in collaboration with Asociación “Sonrisas sin Cáncer” (Smiles without Cancer Association). As Nuria Yáñez, technical director of Almazaras de la Subbética SCA, notes: […]

20 cooking techniques with hot olive oil!

Goya Olive Oils Cooking

Along with our post about cooking techniques with raw olive oil oil, we share the main culinary techniques with hot olive oil. We usually associate hot olive oil with frying, but, as Firo Vázquez says in the GastrOleum app, we can use hot olive oil in many different ways.