Say Yes to a healthy lifestyle!

vida saludable | healthy lifestyle

We are convinced that a healthy lifestyle is essential to make the routine and the rush of everyday life more bearable. For this reason, we want to share with you today our key ideas to say Yes to a healthy lifestyle. Yes to healthy food every day Include foods such as fruit and nuts in […]

The University of Zurich awards the quality of Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oils

universidad de zurich | university of zurich

Once again, the University of Zurich awards the quality of Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Thus, in the Olive Oil Awards 2023, Goya has obtained a total of three medals: Gold for GOYA® Unico; silver for GOYA® Organics and bronze for GOYA® Robusto. In addition, GOYA® Unico and GOYA® Extra Virgin olive oil have won […]

Goya olive oils shine in Japan, with 8 new medals

Olive Japan 2023

The 8 latest medals won in Japan can be added to the long list of awards that Goya olive oils have racked up. Thus, in the 2023 edition, the Olive Japan Competition awarded Goya extra virgin olive oils with five medals. The contest, organized by the Olive Oil Sommelier Association of Japan (OSAJ), awarded two […]

How to buy extra virgin olive oil in 5 steps

Comprar aceite de oliva | buy extra virgin olive oil

When buying extra virgin olive oil, we often find countless brands with different formats and containers on the supermarket shelves. But which is the best? According to the North American Olive Oil Association, these are the five steps to follow to buy the best olive oil for your family. 1. Label and quality seals The […]

Goya Spain takes 1st Prize in the Packers category at the Mario Solinas Quality Award

Premio Mario Solinas

The International Olive Council (IOC) has published the winners of the 23rd edition of the Mario Solinas Quality Award. Thus, out of the seven categories established, Goya Spain took 1st prize in the Packers category for extra virgin olive oils for its GOYA® Unico Extra Virgin Olive Oil. GOYA® Unico, premium coupage packaged by Goya […]

Four awards for Goya extra virgin olive oils at the ESAO Awards 2023

esao awards

GOYA extra virgin olive oils are in luck. This is confirmed by the four awards won in the 7th Edition of the ESAO Awards (Campaign 2022-2023), which are granted every year by the Olive Oil School of Spain. In the 2023 edition, the ESAO Awards recognize a special category “Packager/Trader”. According to the Olive Oil […]

Goya Olive Oils highlight at Gulfood Trade Show

Goya Olive Oils at Gulfood

From February 20 to 24, GOYA olive oils have been present at the Dubai Gulfood Trade Show. Thanks to the Dubai World’s Best Olive Oil Competition, we have been able to show in the Best Olive Oil Store stand our extra virgin olive oils: Organics, Unico, Robusto and Extra Virgin. People at Gulfood could know […]

Two great mentions to Goya premium EVOOs in the Sol d’Oro 2023

Sol d'Oro 2023 Great mentions | Sol d'oro grandes menciones premios

Goya premium extra virgin olive oils have received two mentions in the XXI edition of the Sol d’Oro International Competition (Northern hemisphere) held in Verona (Italy). Goya Unico has obtained a great mention in the Medium Fruity category and Goya Organics, in the Organic extra virgin olive oils category. The XXI Sol d’Oro Competition was […]

Capers, create divine flavors in the kitchen

Alcaparras Goya | Goya Capers

Tasty, salty and spicy, capers give a unique flavor to many Mediterranean cuisine dishes. Used in sauces or as a complement to salads, capers are healthy and nutritious. If you have not tried them, here you will discover all its benefits and uses to create divine flavors. Origins and harvest Healthy food Uses in the […]

BIOL Prize 2023 awards Organics with a new Extra Gold Medal

Extra Gold Medal Organics at BIOL 2023

GOYA® Organics has obtained a new extra gold medal at the International Organic Competition BIOL Prize 2023, one of the most renowned organic EVOO competitions worldwide. The 28th edition of BIOL saw the participation of around 300 companies and 440 oils competing: 60 from outside Europe, 150 from Europe and 230 from Italy. Organics is […]

A step-by-step guide to extra virgin olive oil production

Have you ever wondered what the olive oil production process involves? From the moment the olives are harvested until the moment a bottle of oil is opened, there are the key steps in the production of EVOO. Collection. Depending on the location and variety of olive, the olives are harvested between the months of October […]