Goya Foods, Goya Puerto Rico and Goya Santo Domingo visit Goya España

Las Goyas visitan Goya España en 2022

Communication and promotion of the benefits of olive oils and olives is one of the pillars on which the relationship between Goya España with other Goyas around the world. It’s an honor for us to receive visits every year from managers and sales representatives of Goya Foods, Puerto Rico and Santo Domingo and see how […]

Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oils returned to Madrid Fusion with Fernando Desa

Fernando Desa show cooking Madrid Fusion

Every year, Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oils make an appearance at the Spanish capital’s most important gastronomic fair. This year, the theme for Madrid Fusion 2023 was “No Limits”. From Monday 23 to Wednesday 25 January, Goya Extra Virgin Olive Oils have taken pride of place at the Goya Europa stand in the IFEMA conference […]

Do you know the different types of packaging we use for our oils?

Envases de aceites

When olive oil is consumed, it is very important to ensure it is stored properly. Proper storage prevents the oil from oxidizing and losing its properties. At Goya España we have several types of packaging for our olive oils. Each of them offers different features for preserving the organoleptic qualities of our olive oils, EVOOs […]

World Olive Tree Day 2022

Dia Mundial del Olivo | Día Mundial del Olivo

Since it was approved by UNESCO in 2019. Every 26 November World Olive Tree Day is celebrated, as a universal symbol of peace, wisdom and harmony. It was an initiative presented by Lebanese and Tunisian delegations, who produced a document demonstrating the importance and longevity of the olive tree as a natural element, an initiative […]

EVOO consumption

Consumo AOVE | Consumption EVOO

Extra virgin olive oil is a healthy food, and its regular consumption provides important health benefits that have seed oils and butter can’t provide. It is one of the basic foods that makes up the Mediterranean Diet, and its use in cooking is increasing. But what is the recommended amount of extra virgin olive oil […]

Goya España, driver for local employment in the municipality of Alcalá de Guadaíra

El gerente general de Goya España junto a la alcaldesa de Alcalá de Guadaíra

The mayor of Alcalá, Ana Isabel Jiménez visited our factory in Seville to find out about our lines of activity and facilities. On 3 November we welcomed members of the Alcalá de Guadaíra Town Council, the municipality of Seville in which the Goya España facilities are located. Antonio Carrasco, our general manager showed the town […]

Goya Puerto Rico distributes food to those affected by Hurricane Fiona

Goya Puerto Rico

At Goya España we support the initiative of Goya Puerto Rico to distribute nutritious lunches and meals to over 3,000 peoples forced evacuate their homes due to Hurricane Fiona and rehouse in isolated shelters and communities. The 15 municipalities where Goya is providing assistance are Cayey, Salinas, Comerío, Guánica, Guayanilla, Loíza, Utuado, Jayuya, Adjuntas, Hormigueros, […]

The olive: the origin of our production

The olive: the origin of our production

The olive groves of Andalusia hold the essence and origin of our olive oils. Today we have a little history for you, as we look back at the origins of olive cultivation in Spain. The olive has long been the tree most venerated by the peoples of the Mediterranean. Olive branches were used to crown the winners […]

Photographic Competition “Olivar de la Subbética” by Almazaras de la Subbética

Almazaras de la Subbetica

Goya España congratulates Almazaras de la Subbética for the 1st Photographic Competition “Olivar de la Subbética”, recently organised to coincide with the celebration of the European Day of Parks. With a high level of participation, the jury had a really hard time choosing the winners: “The decision was difficult because all the participants submitted very […]

Goya España, among the top olive oil packagers 

Olive oil packagers

Do you know what the purpose of the mill is? The almazaras or olive oil mills are located close to the olive groves, and this is where growers work to produce the best mono-variety oil. Once they obtain high quality extra virgin olive oils at the mill, they present small batches to international contests. The more international prizes […]