Originality and surprise are in the mix. Dare to give your meals and snacks a touch of something different with our olives stuffed with blue cheese paste, minced hot peppers or minced anchovies, among others. Produced in Spain, where mixing is a genuine form of art.




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We currently have eight special filling specialties on the market: Serrano ham, spicy chorizo, Manchego cheese paste, minced anchovies, minced smoked salmon, minced tuna, minced hot peppers and blue cheese paste.

GOYA® Olives with Special Fillings combine the incomparable flavor of our Manzanilla olives with a special filling made from the best raw ingredients to ensure the highest quality.


The base of our GOYA® Olives with Special Fillings is the stuffing that we make from the best chopped raw ingredients. That’s why our olives with special fillings retain the texture and flavor of our traditional olives perfectly balanced with eight different flavors of filling. Ideal for a quick snack that’s full of flavor, thanks to the excellent combination of the best Spanish olives of the Manzanilla variety with the most exquisite stuffings. You can also add them to your dishes for an original and distinctive touch of something different.

Stuffed Olives with Serrano Ham

Stuffed Olives with Spicy Chorizo

Stuffed Olives with Manchego Cheese Paste

Stuffed Olives with Minced Anchovies

Stuffed Olives with Minced Smoked Salmon

Stuffed Olives with Minced Tuna

Stuffed Olives with Minced Hot Peppers

Stuffed Olives with Blue Cheese Paste


In the kitchen

Discover new flavors and aromatic nuances by cooking your favorite dishes with our top-shelf Olive Oils, Olives & Capers.

The most awarded flavor

Goya Olives are carefully selected and harvested in the South of Spain, where the best olives come from.

In addition, we take care of every detail of the production process to guarantee the highest quality and to achieve the flavor that sets them apart. For this reason, Goya olives have won more than 100 International Awards.