Garlic roast chicken with scalloped potatoes

Pollo al ajillo al horno

If there is any dish which can get you out of a tight spot, which is also delicious, it is this garlic roast chicken with scalloped potatoes. Take note of the ingredients you’ll need!

Bean Stew with Olives

Alubias estofadas

Prepare this delicious vegetarian recipe (or vegan if you skip the grated cheese) of navy bean stew with olives that the whole family will love. Make a list of the ingredients you will need!


Focaccia tradicional

is a recipe for traditional Italian focaccia. It’s so simple to make and tastes delicious. You just have to prepare a smooth dough, cover it in aromatic herbs and other ingredients such as garlic or cherry tomatoes. We have stuck to the traditional recipe with very few toppings because we wanted to add a special touch with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with natural garlic aroma, GOYA® Garlic.

Chicken thighs

Pollo relleno de aceituna

If you are looking for something special to cook for dinner, you have to try these chicken thighs stuffed with vegetables and our GOYA® Manzanilla Spanish Olives Stuffed with Minced Pimientos!!

Caldereta de cordero

Hearty meat stews are very popular in Spanish cooking, but if there is one in particular that takes the crown, the it’s this caldereta de cordero con patatas; lamb and potato stew These dishes are also great for combating the intense cold of winter days.

If you’ve never tried it, there’s no better time for you to cook this dish at home! Don’t forget to serve this with some nice crusty country bread to mop up that sauce.

Bream with apple sauce

Besugo con salsa de manzana

Baked sea bream is spectacular, but by adding apples we can bring the flavor to another level for an exquisite dish that’s worthy of 5 stars. Take note of the ingredients you’ll need to make this delicious sea bream with apple sauce at home


Risotto Ajo

A good risotto is a perfect option for lunch. Especially if its seasoned with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil flavored with natural garlic aroma, GOYA® Garlic. Few risottos you’ve tried have as special a flavor as this one! An explosion of Mediterranean flavor!

Letils with chorizo

lentejas con chorizo

In Spain we love dishes that are eaten with a spoon: meat stews and legume based dishes such as fabada asturiana, cocido madrileño and puchero andaluz. Perfect for the cold winter days. Warm up with our traditional recipe for lentils with chorizo!

Zucchini cannelloni with mushrooms and shrimp in bechamel sauce

Canelones de calabacin

Have you ever tried zucchini cannelloni? It’s a healthier version of traditional cannelloni that is made with pasta, and is just as good, if not better. They can be stuffed with beef in Bolognese sauce, tuna or, in a gourmet version, with mushrooms and shrimp in bechamel sauce.

Apple pie

Tarta de manzana | Apple pie

One of our favorite sweet recipes for the festive season is our apple pie just how grandma used to make, with the pastry and fillings made with traditional ingredients. Relive your childhood with our recipe for homemade apple pie! Relive your childhood with our recipe for homemade apple pie!